Tuesday, August 30

:: Pager #4 Correction ::

Please pardon the mistake, but I listed the wrong pager number for the Sheppards (pager #4). Their CORRECT number is 334-705-9215.

Our 5th pager has been given to Tracey Menotti, a young mother raising two children while also battling breast cancer. Her pager number is 334-705-9214.

To lessen the confusion in the future, we have set up a 1-800 number. Dial the number listed below, and all of the Olivia Charles Foundation Prayer Pagers will be paged at once. Hopefully this will simplify things from here on out. Each recipient will still keep their individual number, so if you are praying for one specific person or need, please continue to use that instead of the 800 number.

So, to recap, here are all of the pager recipients names and needs:

1) The Zeigler Family-lost their 2 year old daughter Ella a few months ago
2) Sherry-recently lost her husband and has two children
3) The Mims Family-18-month-old daughter Arlington just had cochlear implant surgery
4) The Sheppard Family-6-month-old daughter Mary Graham has scoliosis, hip dysplasia, and in undergoing genetic testing
5) Tracey Menotti-mother of two children battling breast cancer

To page all of the recipients at once dial, 1-800-684-0998.

Sorry for the mix up and thanks for being faithful to pray for these individual needs.

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