Saturday, September 3

:: Hot-Lanta & The Rolling Thunder ::

Just walking in the door from an overnight trip to Hot-lanta (as in scorching!) with the hubby. Sweet man that he is took me there to do some new house shopping for my bday. Our current sofa would take up the entire living space in the new house, as would my desk, so we're on the look-out for replacements. The good news is that we're pretty much going to be able to furnish the whole river cabin with stuff we can't use anymore, so at least it's going to good use.

Most of my friends would not believe this, but I actually shopped for two days in Atlanta and didn't buy a single thing. Not even one "trinket" as my Nannie would have said.

Although not much luck on the shopping front, the company was fabulous. We got to lunch on Friday in Roswell at Salt (their pulled pork tacos and 7 onion soup are the stuff of dreams, by the way) with our friends Courtney and Chet. Courtney and I worked together at Southern Living Magazine and the four of us became fast friends and have stayed that way, even though they sadly relocated to Atlanta several years ago. It was so much fun to reminisce about old times and catch up on current life. And, she got me the most thoughtful gift...she remembered that I like to collect a house Christmas ornament each time we move to personalize with the year and our new address, and this time I won't have to because she already did it for us. Thanks, Court!!
In addition to antiquing in Roswell, I got to go and check out a store I read about in Elle Decor this month called "Pieces" and I am in love. The store appeals to my orderly side-color coded shelves and displays, lots of gilt and lucite, Jonathan Adler, and painted white floors.

I read a blog post about Chamblee, GA's Antique Row while we were there and decided it was worth checking out. In all honesty, I'm pretty sure I would have purchased something if any of the stores had any air conditioning! When sweat is dripping down my back it's hard to find the enthusiasm to dig for treasure. Note to self-try again in November!

Our favorite store had the entire Simpson family on the front lawn in addition to an old McDonald's slide complete with Ronald on top. I really think Cannon would have brought it home if I hadn't intervened. He stood in awe at the bottom of the slide until I reminded him (gently, of course) that the thing would take up our whole yard.

Although we didn't find anything on our trip to Atlanta, just before we left I bought a chandelier I am in LOVE with from etsy. Check it out....
Isn't she pretty? Happy Birthday to me! I'm pretty sure Cannon never thought I'd WANT a chandelier with deer heads on it. Goes to show you never know what you might find and fall in love with!

Cannon took me to my all-time favorite ATL restaurant-Bistro Niko-for my bday dinner Friday night. I love this place mainly for their Gruyere cheese puffs below...

Half the basket was eaten before I remembered to snap a picture. I could have eaten the whole basket myself, but I did manage to share. Everything on their menu is delicious and their patio is in my opinion one of the best people-watching perches in town.

We started soccer practice with Parrish a few weeks ago and guess who the "Thunder" team coaches are?!? Cannon and Gentry! This is funny on many levels, but mostly because neither one of them played much soccer themselves.
I think a copy of Coaching Soccer for Dummies was actually purchased before the first practice (major Daddy points!). I'm pretty sure Cannon agreed to it only so he could blow the coaching whistle when the ball goes out of bounds.

Parrish and Kaden are pretty proud that their daddies are the coaches and the kids are having fun. If they can teach them not to touch the ball and which goal they're supposed to kick it in I think that will be a HUGE success! Last year the entire game would grind to a halt if a plane flew overhead bc the whole team would stop, stare up at the sky, and point!

Let's go, team Thunder!!!

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