Wednesday, August 17

:: Good News ::

Captain America (aka Parrish) and Bumblebee (aka Kaden) have been on duty, defending the world (and my house) from bad guys!

Even better news?? Our house is under contract! We are so thankful for this answer to prayer. If all goes well with our home inspection and the house the buyer's are selling closes as scheduled on September 16th, we'll be closing with them on September 19th and moving into our new house in Mount Laurel that week! Please pray these two things go smoothly and everything falls into place.

Parrish goes back to Mother's Day Out after labor day, so it will be nice to have some quiet time to get packed (hey, we're already half way there-we never unpacked our kitchen, basement or dining room from the first time we sold!) unpacked and settled. His only request? A BLUE room-no shocker there, right? His other obsession..sticks! I'm wondering if the stick "p" in his room started this years ago, but whatever the trigger, my son absolutely ADORES sticks. He collects them everywhere we go. We have stacks of sticks on our front stoop, in my car, Cannon's car, the back porch...generally, EVERYWHERE! And he remembers certain sticks! If I slyly try to throw one back in the woods inevitably a day later he'll ask, "Mama, where is that stick that was REAAALLLY long and tall?" One time I threw one out of my car into the parking lot in front of Cannon's office. The next day, Cannon had Parrish at the office and as he climbed from the car he said, "Look, Daddy! My stick!"

I know I promised some pictures of our mason glass chandelier this week, but unfortunately, attempt #1 at hanging it didn't work out so well. We drove down to the river cabin last night to make the attempt and ended up needing longer screws than we had brought, and for that matter, we needed an additional set of STRONG hands to help us hold it up for 20 minutes straight while we got all the wires hooked together. Seems to me the making of the chandelier is the easy's the hanging that's the kicker. As soon as it's up I promise to post pictures. In the meantime, this sneak peak of the process will have to do!

When the ground soaks up the falling rain and bears a good crop for the farmer, it has God's blessing. Romans 6:7

For now, we're just soaking up the rain and enjoying a generous crop....but we are still aware of this biblical fact in both happy times and sad:

If we are to share in God's glory we must also share in His suffering. Romans 8:15-17

I by no means think we are now exempt from further suffering, only that suffering so much has allowed me to enjoy happy moments like this even more.

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