Friday, August 12

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Parrish and I have found an additional use for my fabulous antique fender-disc shooting! Captain America (aka Parrish) has been using them as targets for his disc-shooting shield! Extra storage, seating, and a fun new game...didn't know one piece of furniture could provide all of that!
Turns out that the fender is not the only antique store item I've purchased recently that can be a fun game. This "magic magnet" that was used in old speakers at the time of the World's Fair makes a pretty good ring game itself! It is so strong that it is nearly impossible to miss, which is an added bonus. It will literally "grab" them out of the air or off the floor. Crazy. You might be wondering why on earth we would have purchased this in the first place and for that explanation I have one word-Cannon. When we were in Mobile buying the art deco globes I was talking about in a previous post he got them to "throw it in" as a bonus if we bought the globes (ever the salesman). Now it has two uses-a cool decorative display AND ring game. (I can hear Cannon saying, "I told you so") I wasn't positive we needed that at the time.
The above floor lamp was purchased at Scott's for $25 dollars. I have a thing for floor lamps with an adjustable head and uno shade. It needed to be rewired so after a trip to Bryant Electric in Hwood to get the parts we needed Cannon set out to rewire it himself and succeded in no time. I had to brag on him for this...I'm positively giddy that he can turn my old "treasures" into something useful.

With the change of every season I get the itch to add a few more pieces to our wardrobes and had to share with you this find. Bought this top online at There is also a navy/grey version I love, too. I went online to buy an inexpensive long-sleeve top to go under my new Matilda Jane dress and new underwear for Parrish and somehow ended up with a this in my cart. I know this has happened to you,'s like going to Target for one thing you need and walking out with a cart full of things you didn't really NEED but HAD to have once you were in there! Oh well, at least at $17 it didn't break the bank!

So what have I been doing lately besides shopping you may ask? Well, I've been helping a few more friends and family with decorating projects (I know what you're thinking-that's shopping too-but like I tell Cannon-at least it is spending someone else's money!!) :) This is such a blessing to me. I love design and having projects to focus on that I enjoy is good for me. I love to see it all come together in the end. I'll post some pictures of my two latest projects in a later post. My friend Susan and I have been working on her formal living room and I've been helping my in-law's with our family cabin on the Coosa River. It's a cute little cedar shake house with a tin roof-precious!

Several of you have asked how things are going with the house and the answer is, pretty good. We've had lots of showings and two people come back for second showings, so there is interest. We haven't found the right buyer quite yet, but are hopeful the perfect someone is right around the corner.

Without going into a lot of details, I'd like to ask you all to continue to pray for our family. For our patience, endurance, and strength to weather the storms and uncertainties of this life that we are currently walking through.

Thanks, friends.

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