Friday, August 19

:: Prayer Pager #3 ::

Last night I delivered our third prayer pager to our friends, The Mims Family. Their daughter Arlington was born 3 months after Olivia and they were sweet friends rolling around in play pens together at just a few months old. This picture of them was taken on the 4th of July, 2010. We went to see the fireworks show in Chelsea Park with the Mims and Olivia and Arlington were fascinated by the bright lights (as you can see by the shocked looks on their faces!)

When Arlington was 9 months old her mom Terri noticed she didn't turn and react to her when she walked in the door until she has seen her mom face to face. Suspecting some mild hearing loss they went to the doctor to be shocked to find out that Arlington was profoundly deaf. The last several months have been full of audiologist appointments, therapy, testing and MRI's to see if she'd be a candidate for cochlear implants, etc. Praise God! She is a candidate for the implants and will be having a 4 hour surgery on Monday, August 29th to get them. The work doesn't stop there though-there will be intensive therapy and training to help her learn to interpret the electrical impulses the implants will send her brain in the weeks and months following the surgery. Please keep Arlington, her doctors and her parents and family in your prayers and then dial her prayer pager number to let the family know:

334-705-9213 - When you hear the tone just dial 111# and then hang up, this will cause the pager will vibrate letting them know you have prayed for them.

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