Thursday, August 4

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Parrish has been in Chattanooga with CC the past two days visiting his cousins or "brothers" as he called them before leaving. CC sent these pictures as a testament to how much fun these 4 boys have been having together. We've missed him terribly, but it has been good to have some couple time and we're looking forward to seeing his smiley face today when he gets home.

While he's been away, Cannon and I have had some adventures of our own. After years of begging, Cannon finally decided to come to the gym with me. He's not one for "group" exercise and has prided himself on his lack of a gym membership for the past 33 years. But, knowing that exercise will help with stress relief he finally relented and went with me to a spin class. How hard can riding a stationary bike be, right? Wrong. I think Cannon has a new respect for what we women do when we go to the gym. Not as easy as it seems!

Now Cannon is determined to be in competition with me over all things exercise. I think it's going to be his personal mission to be better than me at spinning within the month. Sadly, I don't doubt at all that this will happen.

In an effort to "keep up the good work" of exercising, on day two we hiked the new Highway 41 greenway. 1.8 miles to soccer blast didn't seem very far until we did it. I don't think the 110 heat index helped us at all. When we emerged at soccer blast we decided to take the shorter, more direct (yet scary) route of jogging down highway 41 to get back to the car.

The most hilarious part of it all was when a Shelby County sheriff drove past us on the side of the road and turned around to see if we were walking down the road because our car had broken down! If that didn't tell us we looked out of shape, I don't know what would! Even sadder than that is that he gave us a ride back to our car. Cannon tried to get him to pull someone over (preferably one of our friends) while we were with him, but to no avail. Guess those kind of things are aganist regulations.

We were glad to have some comic relief AND a quicker way back to the comfort and a/c of our car! If only Parrish had been with us. He would have thought riding in the back of a police car was the coolest thing ever. Let's hope he doesn't ever see the back of one during his teenage years.

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