Thursday, August 25

:: Mason Jar Chandelier ::

I just posted that I wouldn't post this until tomorrow, but I am on a roll, so here it is...

The much-anticipated mason jar chandelier project is complete. Wish I could say that it was a breeze, but well, that would be a flat out lie. It was easy enough to gather the supplies and follow the instructions for wiring I got from Kara Paslay's fabulous tutorial (here) but we had some snags when it came to hanging it. The first problem? My weakling arms couldn't hold it up above my head long enough to give Cannon any time to wire it. The second problem? A crossed wire. But, like they say...the third time is a charm. With the help of a painter working at the cabin Cannon had it up in no time and shining bright. Here are some images we took along the way:

We did deviate from Kara's tutorial slightly by using 18 jars total instead of 22 and using a standard ceiling cap kit instead of the pvc cap cut down and spray painted (we don't have a good saw so this was out of necessity, but I think turned out nicely-we just had to use a drill bit to make the hole in the cap bigger to fit all of the lamp cords)

Now that we've got the first one under our belts, we'll be able to do a second with no problems, which is a good thing because I really, really want one of these on the side porch at our new house and I have left over materials just waiting to be put to good use!

I've mentioned before that I've been helping to select paint colors for the family river cabin this chandelier now calls home, so I had to post some pictures of how great it is turning out.

We're looking forward to many river cruises and fun times at this cabin and I am so excited about how it is turning out. I wish I had taken more before pictures because the transformation really is amazing.

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