Monday, April 9

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John 11:25-26
Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever believes in me will never die."

Tappy had Spring Break last week and came to our house to visit. One of Parrish's requested Tappy activities was dying easter eggs and Tappy had found the most ingenius tip on pinterest. (I know, a little late for use this year, but remember it for next!)

You can use your whisks to hold the eggs while you dye them. This is so great for kids. Parrish could have complete control of the dying process (which he loved) and we didn't have to worry about the eggs all getting smashed to bits as they hit the bottom of the cups!

Saturday we had our neighborhood Easter egg hunt. Notice the basket Parrish is holding. This is the one I purchased after I was chastised for sending one that was way too small into school with him. He claims I'm the reason he lost the hunt! Not only did he want a bigger basket, but he wanted it lined in camo! So, being the dutiful mom (no wonder Parrish thinks he's the boss around here!) I found this great online tutorial over at Make It and Love It and managed to line the basket just in the knick of time for the neighborhood hunt.

This is the face of true joy…a fistful of eggs filled with candy.

This is a fake smile. I had to bribe him with candy to get him to go stand by the bunny so I could snap a picture. I am not ashamed about this. Sometimes bribery has it's place in parenthood!
Saturday night we had a few friends over for dinner and a glow-in-the-dark Easter egg hunt. Did you see this on Pinterest? Here's what I'll say about those glow in the dark eggs. It's a really cool concept, but take my advice and buy the LARGER plastic eggs to stuff. It took us forever and lots of tape to get the glow bracelets inside our eggs. I also found that matching the colors helped them glow more - a pink egg with a pink glow bracelet, etc.
While the kids were hunting we did some serious sitting on the porch. I love that about our neighborhood - you actually use your porches!
The Gonzalez Family
The Cash Family (no pun intended). :) The dollars are from all the glow eggs Davis collected. Each family contributed $10 one dollar bills to the cause and we stuffed them in the eggs. The kids thought they were rich after the hunt. The girls cared more about the glow bracelets than anything else.

I tried a new recipe for Goat Cheese and Green Onion Muffins for dinner that night and it was delicious, so thought I'd pass it along here. I am a sucker for anything with goat cheese in it.

This is the first year in many that I haven't cooked a big Easter lunch for the family. CC is recovering from surgery in Florida (please keep her in your prayers) and Tappy was helping Aunt Liney move into a new apartment in Georgia, so it was just our little family. I thought I might be sad, but it was actually relaxing. We went to church then headed out to Easter lunch at The Melting Pot. Parrish was a little bored with cooking the meat (after all he had baby chicks to get home to), but when it came time for the melted chocolate, he perked right back up. He flagged the waitress down himself, not once-but twice, and asked for a refill of his strawberry bowl for dipping. I think he must have eaten 30 chocolate strawberries.

These are the aforementioned baby chicks. Can I just digress here and tell you that I have the sweetest husband? I mentioned to him a few times over the last month that I wish we could have baby chicks for Parrish on Easter. I still remember the year I woke up as a kid to discover a baby bunny in my Easter basket and my parents and grandparents standing over my bed to see my reaction! I wanted Parrish to have the same type of surprise. Anyway, I didn't really mention it again but Cannon remembered and last week called to inform me that he had it all worked out. He had called a local farm that agreed to take the chicks after we "babysit" them for a week. He went and picked them up Saturday and got them all settled with their food, water, shavings, and heat lamps so we could surprise Parrish on Sunday morning.

And as you can tell by his smile, his reaction couldn't have been any cuter. All day he kept saying, "Mommy, I just love those baby chicks." The one on his head here he named Eddie, the brown tinted one he named Otter. We have big plans for show and tell at school on Wednesday.

But one of the sweetest moments of the whole week was on "Good" Friday when I was laying down with Parrish at bedtime. We were talking about Easter and Jesus dying on the cross and I told him the day He died we now called Good Friday. He thought about this for a minute and then said, "But it's not really good, it's bad. I love Jesus so much." I couldn't stop the tears as I told him that yes, for Jesus it was the worst day of his life, but that for us it was good, because one day we'll get to live in heaven with Jesus and be with Sissy again.

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