Monday, April 2

:: Classroom Easter Treat ::

If you're anything like me you may still be looking for a cute, inexpensive, treat to wrap up for your child's classmates. Easter seemed to sneak up on me this year and it dawned on me yesterday that I still didn't have anything and the class party is this Wednesday! What I found is a cute, useful, and fun gift (that won't give your kid a sugar high!) Miracle-Gro Kids Mini Greenhouses are very simple. They come with a dehydrated soil packet that you hydrate with water and seeds for veggies or flowers that you then plant. It's that simple. I bought veggies (they have tomato, cucumber, white eggplant, and sweet pepper) to give the boys in Sweet P's class and flowers (they have zinnias, marigolds and sunflowers) for the girls.

At only $1.30-something a piece they are a cute gift that won't break the bank and will give parents of the kids in your class a fun project to do with their preschooler over the long, hot summer ahead!
Oh, and you can buy them at Wal-Mart (because they have everything).

Happy Easter!
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