Monday, September 5

:: Birthday Banter ::

A Day that starts with breakfast in bed is not a bad day at all! My boys treated me to pancakes and bacon in bed this morning and I shamelessly stayed in bed most of the morning catching up on my Bravo shows. It was a rainy day, so we stayed in our jammies and played pirateopoly and super hero chutes and ladders. When the rain slowed I went on a run, which I've decided I really love. The wind was cool and the drizzling rain was just enough to be refreshing. We took Parrish to see Spy Kids 2 after lunch and he was enthralled.
After the movie we stopped by CC's house to have a slice of the yummy lemon birthday cake she and Parrish made me while we were in Atlanta. He was pretty excited about the forrest-fire inducing amount of candles he got to decorate the cake with.
I sat in the exact same chair at CC's this time last year with my precious baby girl there to help me blow out the candles. I spent most of the day wishing I could turn 31 again so I could see this smiling face...
I ended the day with a fun girl's dinner at Chuy's. Thanks for a great celebration, girls!! Can't wait to be neighbors!

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