Wednesday, September 7

:: 1st Day of School 2011 ::

This little guy started his last year of preschool today (sniff! sniff!) I know people say this all the time, but I really, honestly, truly, do not know where the time has gone. It's like I blinked and 4 years went by in a flash and standing before me is an almost school-aged little boy.
Drop off was uneventful (meaning no tears), which always makes the first day more bearable! This year he is an energetic elephant (an aptly named class, for sure!) and he is so excited about his class.
Last night I stitched a felt heart for him to put in his pocket on the first day of school. I got the idea from this precious blog. She calls them pocket hearts and even sells them on etsy. Mine is certainly not as professional looking as hers, but it served it purpose anyway! I let Parrish pick out the felt and thread colors and while I worked on it last night I kept putting kisses inside along with the cotton stuffing. (I used a cotton ball instead of buying poly fill for such a tiny project) When Cannon asked Parrish about it, Parrish said I was sewing the project so he could, "always have my heart." Oh, from the mouths of babes. Couldn't be more true! These would be precious in lunchboxes, on valentine's, or any day you want your little guy/girl to remember they always have your heart.
And this little girl (on the first day of school last year) has my heart all the way up in heaven. Love you, my precious little Livy!

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