Sunday, May 8

:: The Sweet Olivia Day Gown ::

One of my friends from high school, Sommer Shelfer Blackburn, has started her own children's clothing line (based in Houston) and has named a baby day gown in her collection "Sweet Olivia" in honor of our baby girl. She is donating 10% of her profit from the sale of this gown to the Olivia Charles Foundation, so she is not only remembering her in this special way, but assisting us in helping others in Olivia's name. Thank you, Sommer! The day gown is beautiful...fitting it was named for a gorgeous baby girl!

Sommer's website launches Monday at 8 a.m., so visit Beanies to see the page devoted to Olivia and to order a "Sweet Olivia" gown for your next baby shower gift. They are so precious with the added monogram on the collar and I'm excited there is a long-sleeve version in the works for fall. This is definitely going to be my go-to shower gift from here on out!

Today I am so proud to be Parrish & Olivia's Mommy. As I've said before, I could not get through this without my little man. Mother's Day has been equal parts happiness (who wouldn't be happy with breakfast in bed and 2 cups of coffee?) and sadness, but his smile can brighten even my saddest moments and I'm so thankful he is mine.

Please keep him in your prayers this Tuesday. Parrish will be having his second cast removed for x-rays. Depending on the amount of healing they show he will either be put in a walking cast or straight into a boot with no cast (we're obviously rooting for the latter). The Lord has sustained us through these last 6 weeks and blessed us with a determined and independent little boy who hasn't let the cast stop him (as evidenced by the state of his cast...see below...needless to say, we will be glad to get rid of this thing!!)

I hope you've all had a very Happy Mother's Day!

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