Monday, May 30

:: Horsing Around ::

Proving once again that a little foot surgery is not going to keep him down, Parrish went to his new friend Elle's house to ride her mommy's horse Jack this weekend. Although a little intimidated by the sheer size of him at first, he quickly warmed up and of course didn't want anyone to "help" him. Cannon had to spot him phantom-style to keep him from pushing his hand away and saying, "I don't need any help!" :) Elle's mommy is my friend and old co-worker at Southern Living. She's had horses her entire life and she and her sweet hubby Lloyd have built an amazing house and barn. We loved being there!!

Otherwise, this weekend has been filled with lots of bday celebrations for my sweet friend's Britney and Jen. Friday night we celebrated Brit by going out for mexican and Sunday night we had a delicious dinner celebration of filets and sushi at Jen's house. Way to go ship-shape, for planning a great dinner party all by yourself!!

Parrish swam with CC for the first time this summer yesterday and did great. We're going to try to get him in the water at least once a day to build his strength back up.

Today I'm excited for a Memorial Day cook-out at the Cash's house. I have to say that we are so used to going out of town for Memorial Day weekend that we thought it might be boring staying in town this year, but it has been nothing less than jam packed with fun. I hope you're all having a great weekend as well!

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