Thursday, May 12

:: Blue Birds ::

Just got home from Cannon's office. Went to view the items that arrived and had to post a picture of the new chaise lounges and children's chairs. They're too cute. I love the new peacock blue color, too!

While we were in Mt Laurel we spotted CC's golf cart at Jimbo's and drove over to say hello. She told us she has baby blue birds in her blue bird box, so of course we got out the ladder to take a peak and they are soooo adorable. We're trying to think of a spot in our yard to erect a blue bird box of our own. Trouble is keeping it away from trees and fences were "predators" can get them. Still thinking on that, but wanted to share the pictures. (Please forgive the horrible cell phone quality)

Aren't they adorable? The ultimate, "awwwww..."
And CC and Parrish pouring live worms into the feeder? The ultimate, "ewwww...." Of course Parrish loved it!

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