Wednesday, July 27

:: The Railroad Park ::

Today we went to the new railroad park. It has the coolest playground for the kids! Not just your typical slide and swings. The kid's favorite by far was this cool rope pyramid. They had so much fun climbing to the top...
And again...
And again...
And again. (Ok, went a little picture crazy on the rope pyramid, but they were having so much fun)
If you haven't been there yet, you definitely should. A new and cool place to hang out.

After Parrish and Lissy had just about had all the climbing and sweating they could stand, we took them to have lunch and a treat at Gilchrist's. While we were there I was catching up with my friend Leslie and talking about all of the craziness in my life. She affirmed my thoughts that all of the recent events in my life could have easily put any sane person over the edge, and like I told her-I've been there back and forth every day for a long time.

It was because of that feeling of being on the edge last night that I was compelled to pull out a Beth Moore book that I read a long time ago, "Praying God's Word." Immediately I turned to the chapter titled, "Overcoming Despair Resulting from Loss." In this chapter I read stories that a year ago would have seemed more than I could bear. It is amazing to me that now, I am one of these women. Our stories are all different, but yet somehow they are the same. We are all living daily in the midst of catastrophic loss because of Jesus. Simply put, there is no other way we can wrap our heads around the fact that we're still putting one foot in front of the other and living a seemingly "normal" life.

By far the most powerful thing I read in that chapter was that we all mistakenly believe that Satan has a heart. That is to say that subconsciously we think that surely he will take it easy on us while we're grieving a huge loss; but Beth points out that nothing could be farther from the truth! When Satan sees you down, he chooses that very moment to launch attack, after attack, after attack. No wonder when it rains, it pours! I have no doubt that we are under attack. But all we can do is pray for protection and lay our grief at his feet-even if that means crying out, "why now? why us?" I underlined these words in that chapter:

"believe God's word that tells us He can and will restore abundant life."

Several times this week God has shown me this verse in various places:

"I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; Be strong, and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord." Psalm 27:13-14

I am thankful for CC, Renee, and Madge who met at the church this week to get the announcement of the prayer pager ministry in place at Double Oak. We have already been made aware of two more people in need of this ministry in our community and have ordered those pagers to be delivered this week. I will post those pager numbers and prayer requests as soon as they arrive. Thank you for continuing to pray for us!

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