Thursday, July 14

:: Careful what you ask just may get it! ::

God is so good. A few posts ago I asked you guys to be praying for the quick sale of our home so we could make a move to Mt Laurel. Well, if all goes well with the inspection today (please pray!) our house is SOLD. The only kicker is....we have to be out (yes, packed and moved) in a week & a half. (Pausing to panic here as I type those words. Makes it a little more real.) And what do all organized, focused people do when they are panicking and should be packing? Well, blog of course. :)

But seriously, this is an answer to prayer. With mixed emotions of sadness to leave the only home Olivia and Parrish have ever known and excitement for a fresh start, new home, and great community of friends and family in ML I am preparing to pack fast and furiously (thank goodness for CC-I sent out an SOS and she is going to fly in this weekend to help me pack). The plan is to stay in CC & Grandaddy's carriage house until we can close on our new house and we are thankful we don't have to go to an apartment!

I am on the hunt for some used moving boxes...anyone have a good source or moved recently that wants to get rid of their boxes?

As I side note, Parrish told me while we were at the beach that he now has two girlfriends! One of course has always been me but now he's added my friend Jenn's little girl Ryan to the list. Can you believe that? And he called Ryan's sister Maddie Kay "baby" while we were at the beach! I'm not sure I'm ready for all of this. I was perfectly content being the only one. :)

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