Monday, July 25

:: Mobile Get-Away ::

So things were not going our way on many fronts this past week and when everything fell apart we felt the fight or flight urge and chose the latter. Glorio and E wanted Parrish for the weekend to play with his fav Ada so we met them in Evergreen to make the exchange and then headed a little further South to Mobile. I spent some time there with the SL Gardening School working back in the day but never got the chance to see downtown and explore the sights, so it was a good (and close) get away to explore.

The architecture there really is beautiful-some rare gems mixed with others that could be but have been run down. The city seems to be doing a good job of working to get all the beautiful old homes back to their former glory though.
We visited the Richards DAR house and had a comical time getting in. We found the front door locked and it looked deserted so we went around to the side door in case we were at the wrong entrance. When we knocked and a lady answered it went something like this:
Us: Are you open?
Her: Why yes.
Us: Well the door was locked so we weren't sure
Her: Well of course it was. We don't open the door until someone rings the bell. But you can come in this way.
So she takes us to the front door and says-if you had done it like you were supposed to I would have started here to tell you about the iron railings.

I don't think we've ever been so thoroughly or nicely scolded for entering the wrong door. What happened to back door guests are best?

You are probably asking yourself who in the world is behind that tree. The answer is-a pole vaulter! While we were there they blocked off Dauphin Street and built a pole vaulting platform. Athletes from all the major Southern colleges and some high school and younger vaulted down the street to music while we all watched and cheered. I never would have thought that pole vaulting would be so much fun to watch, but it was. We had a great dinner that night at The Bull and the vaulting was still going on after dark when it was much cooler and enjoyable (not to mention amazing) to watch.
Ah, the Papillon Antique Store. This mural was on the side of the building. We found many things there we would have LOVED to purchase, but most importantly, found these BEAUTIFUL art deco wedding cake globes (ours actually only have 3 tiers-but you get the idea) We plan to turn them into pendants above the sink in our new house when we move. Yes, this was a purchase of trust-that it would all work out soon with the houses. I just think they are so stunning-the simplicity of the schoolhouse look with glamorous angles. Love it!

Both days we spent some time lounging on the rooftop pool at the Battle House Renaissance-it was so nice. The top of our hotel's sky scraper was our view as we read our book and lounged. Not your average was pretty cool.

Now it's back to reality-and waiting, and praying, and trusting, and doubting and trusting again. About the only thing I'm sure of these days is that I don't know what will happen. But I'm clinging to Jesus because without him there is no way we can have any peace, whatever the future brings. We covet your prayers.

Also, please remember to be praying for the family in our community who lost their little girl. The pager number is 334-705-9211. Thanks, friends!
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