Saturday, June 18

:: Cures for Boredom ::

What's the cure for stay-of-your-feet boredom? Making an army helmet out of your popcorn bowl is a start.

Making a pop-up Father's Day card? Even better! I found this super-easy pop-up card tutorial through my Cool Mom Picks Newsletter. (If you don't subscribe to me, you should!) I know Father's Day is tomorrow, but you still have time to make these with your kids. And I know Dad will love having a card handmade just for him by each of his kids! You can checkout the tutorial at
Parrish used his scissors to cut out his favorite stickers to use as the pop-ups for his daddy. Pirates and knights....the perfect combo for a 4-year-old boy!

I made up a quick poem...

And Parrish practiced his letters by addressing the outside of the card to his Daddy.

Next up? Removing the bandages from P's foot.

Now if we can just keep him from picking at the glue on his sutures! So far cutting the toes from a sock and covering it has worked pretty well. I think he forgets it hurts when it's covered up!

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