Sunday, June 5

:: A fabulous find & big decision ::

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to Target all by myself. Now, as much fun as this is, it is also a recipe for spending too much money because I have the time to browse aisles I usually rush by in a frenzy while Parrish hangs off the side of the buggy begging to GO HOME! :) So yesterday I found myself drawn to the stationery aisle and while there discovered these fabulous dragonfly letterpress cards from Papyrus for Target. They weren't exactly cheap-$15 for $10, but they were cheap for letterpress stationery and I decided I could personalize them at home. Sometimes personalizing at home works for me, sometimes not, but because these were flat cards it was as easy as entering the measurements into the "page setup" screen (6.35 L x 4.25 H in case anyone is wondering) and centering the text of your choice at the top (I had to modify the top margin to make sure it wasn't printed too low and used a dark periwinkle blue to coordinate with the beautiful lined envelopes in the font Savoye LET 42 point.) I am using these as personal stationery but am going to go back and buy a few more boxes to personalize for gifts.

The whole point of going to Target was to get expandable organizers for my cosmetic and toiletry drawer and a hanging pant rack to organize my crafting ribbon. You might be asking yourself why the sudden organizational blitz at Casa Prickett? Well, we've decided to put our house on the market. This comes after a month of thinking, praying, planning and ultimately doing what we think is best for us as a family. We hope to move to Mt Laurel where Cannon's parent's have a house and we have lots of friends. We've come to this decision with mixed emotions as this is the house we became a family in and the only home Olivia and Parrish have ever lived in. But, in thinking about having more babies one day I just cannot imagine changing Olivia's room or walking around the house and seeing her swing in the exact same place. Both for her, for us as a family, and for any future children's sake, we think it is best to move forward while still carrying her memory and her things with us to a new home. We have loved this home so much and hope that a new family will love it as much as we do. Please pray that this would work out as God would have it and that we would ultimately get to make a move. As sad as we will be to leave our HL friends, we have to remind ourselves that really we'll still just be 5 minutes away!

Anyway, as you've probably experienced, moving prompts a whole lot of de-cluttering, cleaning, organizing & finishing of yard and house projects that have been put off. So we've been busy the past week working to get the house and yard ready for showings. I've cleaned and organized every drawer, cabinet and closet and Cannon spent 24 hours in the yard. I am happy to say that we are on the home stretch and hope to have the house officially on the market sometime next week. If you know of anyone looking, please let them know! I'll post a link to our virtual tour once it's put together.

One of the projects we finished was Parrish's pub wall. I first saw this idea in Cottage Living. A designer had done her interpretation of one in her living room by gathering her favorite things-paintings, drawings, decorative items, etc and grouping them together on her wall in the most amazingly precise, but haphazardly-appearing way. To achieve this look in Parrish's big boy room I cut out large pieces of craft paper in the sizes of the items I wanted to group and played with the layout on the floor and then taped to the wall before we started hanging the actual items. It's been a few years in progress, but I think it turned out really cute. The clock was Cannon's grandfather's, the orange mirror is from CB2, the wooden cross came from our lake condo, and the dogs are framed vintage book prints.

The stick initials were made from using the forms from two years of buying the Ballard Designs Cedar Initial Wreaths at Christmas. I stained them dark brown and Parrish and I walked down to the lake and collected interesting sticks. We then hot glued them puzzle-piece style onto the forms.
Prior to becoming Parrish's big boy room, this room was a guest room and already had the olive green walls and 5-panel headboard Cannon and I made and then attached Crate and Barrel Sconces to. I just added a little camo....

A stuffed GUND deer head....

And some personal touches like these bronzed cowboy boots that Parrish lived in when he was 2. You don't always think about bronzing shoes other than Sunday school walkers, but I like the more casual, modern appeal of bronzing their favorite shoes-even if they are rubber soles from Wal-Mart! These are on Parrish's dresser, but they would also make adorable book ends.

This dresser was purchased for pennies at the Mt Laurel garage sale. The acorn pulls are original. My sweet mom "Tappy" used oil-based orange paint on the originally dark brown chest to give it a face-lift and I sprayed the metal acron pulls to mimic oil-rubbed bronze.
One of my favorite finds for the room was this brown and white cowhide rug. I found it at our local Cowboys Gas Station of all places! Just when I think I'm going somewhere you won't shop! The decopage trunk at the foot of his bed was his great grandfather Christy's footlocker from his time in the Navy.
We used CC's old church pew in the room for seating and an inconspicuous spot for storing baskets of toys.
Parrish (aka Spidey) spent part of the time that his Daddy and I were cleaning dressing up in his new Spiderman pool gear and showing us this "spider man" face. Classic.

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