Wednesday, June 22

:: Prayers, Please... ::

Parrish and his buddies Camden and Lukey started swim lessons this week and are loving it, as evidenced by the "spiderman" jump below. His little foot gets better every day and he's worn tennis shoes on BOTH FEET every day this week. The incisions don't exactly make them comfortable to wear, but each day he tells me, "Look mom, I can run faster today!!"

I guess the swimming is really wearing him out, because one night this week he fell asleep snuggling with Tappy at 6:00! Water really wears them out.

Tappy is on summer break from teaching 7th grade math, so we get her for the summer (at least part of it anyway!) We're so excited she's coming back and forth to stay at the Prickett's Mt Laurel carriage house. We've had a ball having some un-rushed quality time this week.
While she was here she turned me onto the Pioneer Woman's iced coffee and helped me make the coffee concentrate to have on hand this summer. The hot weather always puts a stop to my hot coffee drinking, so this is the perfect thing for my summer morning cup. Click the picture below to learn more..I'm telling you, if you are an iced coffee addict, this will save you a lot of money and time spent in the car!!

Now getting down to more serious business...I have some prayer requests. We're working really hard with Zeekee Interactive to develop the Olivia Charles Antiques website. As you can imagine, it is a lot of work for all involved! But, we are IN LOVE with the design so far. The pictures are black and white on the static page and turn to color as you roll your mouse over them and we are LOVING our bead-board background. The prayer request here is that the site will come together quickly and accurately and be a big success to help raise money for The Olivia Charles Foundation. Which brings me to my second prayer need...

We are in the process of starting the "prayer pager" ministry at Double Oak to serve our Birmingham community. We are not aware of another prayer pager ministry in our area and have both felt God calling us to start this after we were so benefitted by it ourselves. It is one thing to have people tell you they are praying for you, but another thing all together to KNOW exactly WHEN they are praying for you. This was so powerful to us and we hope to give that spiritual experience to others. The tragic passing of a precious little girl in our community gave me the push I needed to get the ball rolling last week because I would love to be able to provide her family with a prayer pager. But our hope is that it encourages not only those that are ill or mourning, but also those struggling with addiction, abuse, homelessness, depression, etc. as all our legitimate, yet different reasons.

God's hand has been at work in this the whole time because when I emailed my friend Allyson who got us our prayer pager to see if she could put me in touch with the person who started their church's pager ministry, she was able to put me in touch immediately and it turns out she is the mom of some older Chi O's I knew of while at Auburn. It is a small world. She was so helpful and encouraging to me and is going to be mailing me lots of helpful documents to use as templates to customize for our needs. I am so thankful for her help, encouragement and prayers and would like to ask each of you to pray for this ministry. That it would be what God intends for it to be and specifically that we would find a local communications company that can provide the pagers. If any of you have suggestions, please let me know.

On top of these other two prayer requests, which are all-consuming and heavy on my heart and mind, we are also trying to sell our house. (We have a tendency to take on a lot at one time...Go big or go home, right?!? Or maybe that should be go big and go crazy! Ha!) Anyway, please pray that our house would sell quickly to another family who will enjoy it and love it as much as we did. We are both anxious and sad to move and leave behind so many special family memories in this house, but are truly ready to start the next phase of our lives and we know that Mount Laurel is where God wants us to be. So, if you know of anyone looking in the 280/North Shelby County area for a house that's been loved and well taken care of, please pass along this link:

Thanks for lifting us up, friends.

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