Thursday, June 16

:: The Home-Stretch ::

Today, these pins....

...came from this little guy's left foot. I couldn't believe those big pins were in that little foot.

We were at Children's from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. and Parrish hadn't had a bite to eat since last night at dinner, but we all hung in there and the outcome was great. A huge answer to prayer was that the doctor was able to use glue on the incisions instead of stitches. This means Parrish's heavily bandaged foot will stay that way for the next 24-48 hours. Saturday he'll be able to walk with his boot. Sunday he can get back in the pool and bath and Monday, (drum roll, please!!!) he can put his little tootsie back in a shoe and walk without the boot! We've been waiting 10 weeks for this moment. The road has been long but the Lord has sustained us and watched over our baby boy every step of the way (literally). If Parrish had gotten stitches today instead of glue he would have missed at least half of his swim lessons that start next week. God is good!

Please pray for Parrish's patience (and mine, for that matter) these next few days. He is not thrilled about keeping weight off that foot and especially dislikes his bandage, as you can imagine. We're so close and he's been so patient throughout this ordeal...I'm just trying to make these last few days as much fun as possible for him, which is tough considering he doesn't think much of anything that doesn't involve running, jumping and climbing outside.

But it won't be long til he's boogie boarding again!
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