Wednesday, February 5

::Teacher Valentines {only $3.50!}::

Looking for a good (and inexpensive) Valentine's Day "happy" for your child's teacher?  

Look no further.  These precious magnetic dry erase boards + personalized magnetic clip are less than $4 total (but you'd never know!).

And better yet?  All the supplies can be purchased at Wal-Mart.  One-stop-shopping baby.  Cute gift + little money + convenience = a home run.

You will need:
Magnetic Dry Erase Board (8.5x11" size-by Quartet at Wal-Mart) $2.37
Magnetic Clips (Come in a pack of 2) $1.88
Full sheet sticky labels 

To make the labels I went to my favorite source for online graphics...The Graphics Fairy!
I used the "sweetest heart frame."

-saved it to my computer 
-opened it in pages
 -added my son's teacher's name in a cool font
-printed onto a full-sheet label and cut out

 You'll notice that because of the clip's size, I had to cut off the pretty flowers.  I didn't want to shrink it down so much that the name could not be seen.  Another option if you want to include the flowers is to do one large monogram initial in the center rather than "Mrs. so-and-so."

I think these would also be precious with some of the 1.5" round stickers that Southern Stationery sells with your child's name.  Check them out.  They are so stinkin' cute.

Add a sheet of paper with a corny cute Valentine's message like "You are magnet-ificent!" or "You are Magnetic!"and you're all set.  

The black magnetic board above was also purchased at wal-mart for $6.97 for you big spenders out there.  I love the way the neon ink is so vibrant.  I plan to wrap these up with some clear cellophane and tie them with baker's twine to give my kid's teachers....because they deserve a little something special too!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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