Thursday, July 26

:: Kindergarten Q's - Parrish ::

 As we approach August I really can't believe the summer is already almost over and (gulp!) Parrish is about to head off to Kindergarten.  I'm trying not to be a complete ball of nerves about this.  Sometimes I win the battle, other times...well, let's just say I don't!  (At least I can partly blame these pregnancy hormones!)

Anyway, a few months ago Parrish took a tour of his new school with his Tiny Blessings classmates.  The school mascot is the knights, so they have these really cool suits of armor outside of the entrance to the school.  I can't believe that little body is going to walk into that big school!  (sniff sniff)

 We walked through the lunch line (luckily it was chicken nugget day!)

Cannon was the only parent who actually bought and consumed the school lunch.  He said it was actually pretty good.  I snagged a few tots and they weren't bad!  

We visited all of the extra curricular classrooms (here we're in the gym) like music, art, computer, etc.  I know it made me feel better to see where my baby boy will be spending his days once he starts in a few short weeks.

Anyway, I decided I was going to TRY to start a new tradition of asking him questions at the beginning (and if I remember, maybe even the end) of each school year.  A pre-school interview of sorts...because I don't want to forget a thing!

It went like this:

M: How do you feel about starting Kindergarten?
P:  Not so good because I don't like school.

M: Is there anything you are excited about at school?
P: Computer class

M: What backpack and lunch box did you choose:
P: A dinosaur spike back pack and a blue camo lunch box

M: Who are your best friends?
P: Kaden, Davis, Reeves, Max, Michael, Luke, Cade, Trotter

M: What do you hope you learn in Kindergarten?
P: Computer games and learn how to read

M: What is your favorite color?
P: Black and blue.  No, just black.

M: What is your favorite food?
P: Cheesey bread (from area 41)

M: What is your favorite song?
P: Dynamite

M:What was your favorite thing we did this summer?
P: Going to the lake with Trotter and riding the tube

M: Who is your favorite super hero?
P: Hawk Eyes from The Avengers

M: What is your favorite sport?
P: That's a tricky one.  I think tennis.

M: What is your favorite tv show?
P: That's tricky.  Scooby Doo.

M: What is your favorite book?
P:  I've never actually had a favorite book.  I like a lot.

M: How do you feel about baby Knox coming?
P: Good

M:  What do you look forward to doing with him?
P: Just being bored together.  Just kidding.  Playing together.

M: What do you want to teach him?
P: How to ride a bike.

The other day he asked me if he really had to do to school EVERY day.  He is not thrilled with the idea.  I understand.  After 5 years of being at home or 3 mornings a week preschool it will be a big change.  But I hope at the end of the year he can say that he liked Kindergarten more than he thinks he is going to!

I've been steadily praying for his teacher(s) and principal all summer.  That they would recognize and focus on his strengths while helping him with his weaknesses.  I pray that the pressure will not be too great and that he will feel loved on while there.  I pray that he will be kind to others and others will be kind to him.  I pray for his little heart.  I pray that he will trust in Jesus and take his fears and concerns to Him when they arise.  I pray for his friends and the new influences around him as well as the influence he will be to others.

It is scary as a mom to relinquish control of your child's days and activities to someone else.  And as a family we have a lot of change on the horizon.  Can you imagine me on the 1st day of school? A ball of baby hormones with no sleep and my first born walking into his first year of Kindergarten?  I feel quite certain in saying that it will probably not be pretty.  But I truly can't wait to see him continue to grow and develop new social and school skills this year and in the years to come that will carry him into adulthood.  I know God has great plans for my baby boy.

"The child Parrish grew and became strong; he Parrish was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was on him."
Luke 2:40

When Parrish was born the wife of our Sunday school elder gave me a book I love called "Praying the Scriptures for Your Children."  In the book there are blank spaces for you to fill in your child's name as you pray that verse over them.  Since then I often try to insert my children's names into the verses.

On the baby front, I am scheduled to be induced in 2 weeks on Wednesday, August 8th because my doctor needs to be able to control when I have had my last shot of heparin (a blood thinner I have been giving myself twice a day since we found out I was pregnant because of a gene I have that causes my blood to clot too easily).  First and foremost, please pray for a safe delivery and a healthy, content baby Knox.  Pray for our hearts as we welcome him into the world and into our family while also dealing with the intense emotions of missing Olivia and thinking of the short time ago when we brought her home from the hospital.  The days ahead are going to be filled with great joy and great sadness.  We know that in advance and covet your prayers for us while we continue to walk this path.

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