Sunday, July 8

:: Bacon Green Bean Bundles & Happy Bday CC! ::

 Today is CC's bday.  I think she got the surprise of her life that we're painting her golf cart her favorite cherry red as her present.
 Parrish had been prepping for days for this party and picked out some trick candles that were supposed to relight.  Turns out only one worked and the candle that was supposed to play "happy birthday" was a dud.  Poor guy - he is really into "joking" or "playing tricks" these days...little devil.
What really prompted me to blog today was the goodness that was the Bacon Green Bean Bundles I made for the bday lunch.  Seriously, these were so good they deserve an entire blog post devoted to them, but I of course forgot to snap a picture.  So click here and you will find one, along with directions.  You have to try these.  They are divine.

I also made this tomato and goat cheese tart recipe from Pinterest that I had been eyeing for a while.  Of course I didn't go to the trouble of making my own crust (the roll out kind from Publix in a tart pan tasted just fine in my opinion) and the rest was so simple and yummy I wanted to pass it along as well.  So happy cooking!

And yes, the party hats were Parrish's idea and we are that corny that we wore them for cake.  What can I say?!

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