Friday, August 3

:: Have a little help from my friends.... ::

 Lately I have been struck by just how talented so many of my friends are.  Each in their own way.  As I've prepared for Knox's arrival, I have been the recipient of many of their talents and just had to take a minute to brag on them.  First off is photographer Alisha Baker of Alisha Baker Photography.  I met her for the first time not too long ago at a Blessed Be The Name photo shoot and was so impressed with her Be(tween) catalog photos I asked her if she'd take Knox's newborn pictures.

A few weeks ago she emailed and said she had an idea for a maternity photo shoot for her portfolio and would I be interested in "modeling" (I use that term VERY lightly!).  I said yes, please!  And these images are just a few from our session.  

She totally dreamed up the wish lantern idea and made them all by hand.  It was absolutely hilarious to watch us try to corral the lanterns from blowing away too fast and even more of a sight to see Cannon and Parrish on the bass cat boat going to gather them from the middle of the lake after we were done!  Parrish definitely loved the adventure and by the end of it, Cannon was already coming up with ways we could get them to stay put longer next time.  It was so much fun and Alisha is such a talented photographer.  I am so thankful I will have these images to look back on.  When I look at the pink sky I think of Livy smiling down on carrying the baby boy she helped Jesus select just for our family.

Another Über talented friend is Brantley Bowden of Southern Stationery.  I've known Brantley since Auburn and at my baby shower my friend Autumn gave me some of her absolutely precious (seriously - I couldn't stop looking at them) stationery, stickers, and gift tags.  
I loved everything so much I contacted Brantley about doing Knox's announcements, and then I got a little carried away (shocker!) and had her do some cigar wraps for hospital favors too (I wrapped them around the blue bubble gum cigars and they are so precious).

And some baby bag tags for Knox...

And not to be left out...some new luggage and backpack tags for Mr. Parrish.

So many talented friends....I love being the beneficiary of their God-given gifts!  Thanks, ladies!!

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