Monday, March 12

:: The Ring Bearer & A Recipe ::

My sweet cousin Sara Catherine was married this past weekend and asked Parrish to be her ring bearer. Many months full of his protesting led me to believe it might be disasterous. I pulled bribery out of my mommy bag of tricks and promised him a new power ranger if he complied and did so with a smile on his face. After a brief round of fussing at the rehearsal, I thought I may have to resort to sitting on the front pew dangling the power ranger into the aisle as bait.

But, alas…in true Parrish form, he was all bark and no bite and was the perfect little ring bearer. I wish I could have taken pictures during the ceremony with him holding his pillow. It was the sweetest thing.

The funniest comment of the day was that morning when we were getting him dressed in his tux with tails. He said, "I'm just going to cut these tails off!"

I told him I thought some of the older groomsmen probably had the same thought! :)

But the day and the bride and groom were beautiful. Happy Marriage, Sara C and Wilson!! May you have a lifetime of happiness filled with His joy!

My mother-in-law CC has been working on a Mt Laurel cookbook to sell and raise money for our town library. This has had me going back through my old recipes trying to decide what to submit. While doing this I stumbled across a recipe I haven't made in a while and decided to make tonight. It is courtesy of my friend Rushton who used to send out a weekly email with tried-and-true recipes. It is a easy, delicious weeknight meal, so I thought I would include it in the cookbook and pass it along to all of you:

Creamy Crockpot Chicken

Chicken Breasts (up to 8)

1 C. white wine

8 oz. Cream Cheese (can use lowfat if you want to)

1 Packet Good Season Italian Dressing mix (zesty) (with the salad dressings at the store)

1 Can cream of mushroom soup

Place chicken in bottom of crock pot. In the microwave, warm up cream cheese and soup. Mix well and add all other ingredients. Blend well & pour over the chicken. Cook 4-6 hours and serve over rice or noodles.

Tips: Use a rubber spatula to press the lumps of cream cheese against the side of the bowl when mixing. The sauce will smooth out as it cooks. You can substitute cream of chicken soup and add fresh mushrooms. The white wine can also be replaced with water. This freezes well, so cook more chicken than you need and freeze it in a zip-lock bag with leftover sauce for a quick meal another day.

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