Sunday, March 4

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(I wrote this post the other night and never had a chance to post it, so here it is!)

We are thrilled that Parrish is going to have a baby brother and that our arms are going to be filled with a sweet, squirmy baby again in just 5 months! Judging by the amount Parrish is kissing my belly, I'd say he's pretty excited himself. The other day he gave my belly a big zerbert, then laughed and said, "It's a boy baby so he likes that." I think he already has visions of a partner in crime, teaching him the way of the world of boys.

Have I told you that you show extremely early with your 3rd child? I promise I have looked pregnant since week 10. Buttoning non-maternity pants has been a thing of the past for weeks on end. At 16 weeks I look like I did at 20 weeks with Olivia and 24 weeks with Parrish! Either I am carrying a giant baby boy (which could be possible since he's measured over a week ahead of schedule consistently at ultrasound appointments) or this happens earlier and earlier with each baby. My poor body...I'm certain it will never be the same.

Adding to that problem is all of the Easter candy I'm consuming. I've always got my eyes peeled for cute things for Parrish's Easter basket and I hit the jackpot at World Market the other day. They have the CUTEST stuff. Do you remember those decorative eggs made of sugar from back in the day? They not only have those, they have candy filled pin-wheels, they have plastic eggs with tiny volcanos inside that will erupt, they have a tiny book of hand tattoos that will transform those little fingers into all kinds of animals, they have ceramic egg and bunny kits that your kids can paint themselves, the list goes on and on. You've really got to check this stuff out if you're looking for some out-of-the-box items to go along with your more traditional chocolate bunnies and jelly beans.

We're off to t-ball practice tonight. This is Parrish's first year playing and I must admit, he is quite the good little player. Most importantly, he is loving it. I am just amazed at the sheer amount of gear that goes along with it. This is not soccer anymore where all you need is a pair of cleets and a ball! And just reading the practice and game schedule chart requires a college degree. Baseball is serious. And I better get used to it with another baby boy on the way!

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