Monday, March 12

:: Eggstrordinary Easter Tree ::

I went to Spa Greystone the other day for a massage (thank you CC for my maternity massage gift certificate - one a month my entire pregnancy - such an awesome gift!) and they were decorated so beautifully for Easter. One of the things I loved most were the rustic Easter egg trees, so I decided to recreate one at home. This was a super easy project that look less than an hour.

You will need:
Dry floral foam (a small block)
Vase of your choice (I wrapped the vase with ribbon)
Sticks from the yard (I used 3 but you can use as many as looks good)
Plastic eggs (they must open)
super thin ribbon (cut into 12 small pieces)
spanish moss or reindeer moss (you could also use Easter grass)
scotch tape

Cut the foam to fit your vase. Tie ribbon around the vase. Insert sticks into foam in a pleasing pattern.

Next, create a loop with one of the small lengths of ribbon, open the egg and tape it to the inside so it will hold while you close the egg.

Hang each egg ornament from the branches in a random, evenly spaced pattern. Fill the vase around the floral foam with moss or easter grass.

Voila! A festive and rustic Easter tree.
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