Tuesday, November 29

:: How Many People Does It Take to Fry a Turkey? ::

So...how many people DOES it take to fry a turkey?
In our family it takes a village....specifically 8 adults and 1 child. All giving their various opinions and tips at once. I'm pretty sure Cannon anticipated a nice, quiet Thanksgiving day by the turkey fryer. But, it turns out that a) we didn't have enough oil (thankfully E came to the rescue and rushed to the store to by more) b) according to CC said oil cost too much and c) our thermometer was about 100 degrees off, all resulting in a dream for him that was never realized.
It did however make for a pretty fun activity on Thanksgiving day at the River. I don't remember laughing that much in a long time. Aunt Linda was busy showing us pictures on her iphone of what could happen if we filled the oil too high (we're talking a seriously big grease fire). Tappy and Glorio were telling us the thermometer was wrong and we were just soaking the turkey in oil (as it turns out-they were right). The thermometer was 100 degrees off.
When the turkey finally came out of the fryer it seemed almost a miracle that it was cooked at all. It was worth all the fuss though - it was 18 pounds of deliciousness. I think we've started a new family turkey frying tradition.
After all, it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without a turkey debacle a la Christmas Vacation.
And we enjoyed a beautiful afternoon by the water, just hanging out by the campfire and on the Kubota (we are in Alabama after all).
I hope you had a fun Thanksgiving too!
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