Thursday, November 17

:: How Sweet, Indeed! ::

I have been on a roll this week-cooking three nights in a row something other than boring spaghetti or baked chicken. I wish I had had the forethought to snap some pictures as I went along because these recipes were not only delicious, but soooo mouth-wateringly (is that a word?) pretty.

My friend Terri turned me onto a new food blog and she wasn't kidding when she said I'd be on it for hours drooling and then inspired to cook, cook, cook.

Anyway, wanted to pass along this link to How Sweet Eats and the recipes I've tried this week that I would highly (HIGHLY) recommend, including:

-BBQ Chicken Burgers (I substituted Mr. P's white BBQ sauce instead of traditional red sauce, used bad-for-the-waistline but oh-so-good for your taste buds Publix french hamburger buns, havarti cheese on top instead of gouda and peppery arugula instead of romaine)

Terri made us a pot of the How Sweet Eats Shrimp and Corn Chowder and it was mouth-watering, too.

Just wanted to pass that along. If your bored with you're weeknight cooking like I was, check it out! I promise you'll be inspired.

Parrish and I have been busy working on a few Christmas crafts that I'll post as soon as I manage to load the pictures to my computer!

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