Monday, April 25

:: Bunny Tales ::

This time last year I was as happy as I've ever been. I couldn't believe we had two beautiful, healthy children and how lucky I was that Parrish ADORED his baby sister. (He even offered to wear a pink polo in her honor when going to see the Easter bunny!)
We went to Andalusia to visit my grandparents for Easter Sunday and I snapped this picture of my Grandaddy and his namesake, Olivia Charles. I'll never forget him holding her on the back porch swing and showing her the cousins dyeing eggs.
He couldn't wait to show her what the Easter bunny had brought for her that morning. She LOVED that bunny rattle. She was never without it for the next 6 months.

Although these images and thoughts were constantly flashing through our minds over the course of the day, we survived another holiday without Olivia. I won't say it wasn't hard-it was almost as hard as Christmas and her birthday-but we had moments of happiness. Mostly we have Parrish to thank for those rays of light. I mean, who wouldn't laugh at that little man riding his 4-Wheeler and pointing out eggs for his dad collect? Now that's the way to egg hunt! We loved having Tappy, CC & Grandaddy and our friends the Johnsons over for brunch after church and it was good to have something to focus on and prepare for. I love setting a pretty table and planning and cooking a good meal, so it was good for me to play hostess. I wasn't sure I was up for it but I am glad I did.
I was so happy to receive this GORGEOUS bouquet of flowers from my Chi O Class of 96' sisters. It warms my heart to think that these girls-many of which I haven't seen or talked to in years-would get together to organize a flower delivery to me once a month. If you're reading, thank you friends. The flowers bring a smile to my face-never fails!

Parrish and I decided we'd serve candy nests for dessert. So we melted chocolate chips and stirred in peanut butter, then added pretzel sticks until they were coated. Then we put parchment paper in small bowls and pressed the mixture into the form and placed them in the fridge overnight to harden. Just before brunch we removed the nests from the bowls and arranged them at each person's place filled with peeps chicks and eggs. They were an added touch to the table that doubled as dessert.
This is me with Tappy and CC. Are you noticing my beautiful orchid corsage? The Johnson's oldest daughter, Ryan, who for reasons unknown to me thinks I am pretty cool, asked her mom if she could get me that corsage and gave it to me the night before Easter when we went to their house for a fish fry. Is that the sweetest thing? I had forgotten about that old fashioned tradition, but have decided I am going to bring it back in our family. Next year-corsages for all the women and girls! I kept thinking how much fun it would have been to pin one on Olivia when she got older. That's what happens-I start imagining the future only to realize she won't be there. Cannon refers to it as a punch in the gut. I'd say that's about right. We'll be going along doing fine and then all of a sudden-wham! Out of no where, we're knocked off our feet by some random thought or memory.
But this year was a year for new memories and Parrish helped us make plenty. He was amazed that the Easter bunny knew that he was sleeping in our room and left his basket there. He had candy for breakfast and loved it. Who wouldn't? I had a few pieces myself! You've got to take advantage of the opportunity to have candy before noon. When does that happen?!
Parrish visited with the Easter bunny (aka Kolbe) at Mt Laurel and hunted eggs with daddy pushing his wheelchair. I'm pretty sure Cannon had almost as much fun as Parrish. I think they were at a slight disadvantage competing in the egg roll in a wheelchair over gravel, but they had fun none the less. He couldn't wait to tell me how quickly the bouncing had made him drop his egg. His joyful, happy spirit and funnier by the minute comments provided lots of smiles. As I was thinking about answered prayers I realized that God answered a big one for us in Parrish's attitude over the last 4 weeks. It really couldn't have gone more smoothly in that regard and we praise Him for that. I hope you all had a very happy and blessed Easter!

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  1. So glad you like the flowers! Parrish is such a sweet blessing! Love you, Gaddy!