Tuesday, June 4

:: Parrish-Kindergarten Exit Interview ::

How did you like kindergarten? I liked it but the bad boys moved their clips every day.

What was your favorite thing ab it? PE

So computer is not your favorite anymore? Yes, it is! And computer.

What excites you ab summer?
Going to the beach and the river. I want to skim board at Tappys.

Do you still like your dinosaur backpack? Yes, but it doesn't have much room so I want a bigger one.

This year you liked eating in the lunchroom. Are you going to eat in the lunchroom next year too? No, I'm really hungry for peanut butter sandwiches.

What did you learn in Kindergarten?
Learning how to do addition, reading, counting by fives.

What's your favorite thing you learned? Counting by fives

What's your favorite color? Black and blue

What's your favorite song? Gangnam style

What's your favorite food?
Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

What's your favorite dessert? Ants on a log with choco chips

What was your favorite lunchroom food? Pizza

What's your favorite thing at school this year? The magic show in the lunchroom with lexies dad

Favorite super hero? Flash

Favorite bad guy? Metal guy who is made out of steel

Favorite sport? Flag football

Favorite tv show? Monsuno

Favorite book? The Foot Book

Favorite thing to do with baby Knox? Just play with him with his toys and make him laugh with silly stuff

What have you taught him? How to crawl

What's your favorite thing? Playing spies

Are you excited ab having your first loose tooth? Yes

What do you think you will do in 1st grade? Science! And I like science.

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