Thursday, May 23

:: Field Day, Dedication & God Sightings ::

As I sit down to blog and upload pictures, I am struck by how much has happened over the last 9 months.  In so many ways it has flown, and in others (like our sleepless nights) it has dragged on and on.  Knox has gone from a little lump of baby love to a moving, shaking, crawling, pulling up, ball-playing master.  

And Parrish has gone from writing one word to writing sentences, and reading books on his own. 
 This school year has definitely brought much progress in the life of my boys and I have loved getting to watch each of them grow and learn more about the world.

 Knox started crawling at 8 months and it only took him a week or two to figure out that it hurts to crawl on your knees and therefore start crawling on his feet.

His favorite things are:
-playing in the cabinet I set up for him in the kitchen with "real" utensils, pots, pans and bowls (above)
-pulling up
-attempting to balance standing on both feet (Parrish will proudly tell you that he was the first one to see baby Knox try to stand on his own!)
-reading his animal book and watching mommy make all the funny animal noises
-and playing ball!  This is by far my favorite thing to do with him.  He will throw a small plastic ball back and forth with me for as long as I will let him.  It is the cutest thing ever to watch him figure out cause and effect.

 Parrish had his end of the year field day at school last week and I was able to go and volunteer at one of the games.  I loved watching from afar as he and his buddies sprayed each other with water guns, blind folded themselves and walked through a maze, and jumped in inflatables.

On Mother's Day we dedicated Knox to the Lord.  It was a sweet and special time with family and friends where we shared not "what" we wanted Knox to be when he grows up, but "who."  Some of the things we want for him (and Parrish) are for him to be:

-self assured but not conceded
-passionate about Christ, his chosen career path, his family 
-willing to put others before himself
-empathetic, kind & thoughtful

It is a real struggle as a parent not to put what their job will be one day over the importance of who they will be one day.  It is also a struggle not to put your own hopes and dreams for them above their own personal hopes, dreams, and interests.  But I pray often that Cannon and I will be able to do just that for both of our boys.  Cannon says all the time that we have to find and focus on what they are good at and passionate about, and not focus on the things that they are less adept at.  So true!

 Our buddies The Browns (below) came into town for the dedication along with our families and that meant that there were LOTS of boys in one place.  As you can see in the picture above, we picked up quite a few extras on dedication day!

 Tappy helped me make the Orange Dreamsicle Cake that we served at the luncheon after the dedication and let me just tell you that it was delicious and perfect for a warm summer day!

 Here is the recipe, from "The Diary of Dave's Wife" blog:

 We had the luncheon at my favorite little park in Mt Laurel.  The food was good, the company better, and the kids were running around having a blast (see below).  :)

When the dust from all the excitement of the dedication settled though, it was still Mother's Day and this mother is still missing one of her babies.  I was thankful for the distraction of the dedication, but when it was all said and done that was the thought I was left with; and the familiar longing of my heart and arms was even more present than usual.  The next week was a struggle and as I often do when I'm at the end of my rope, I started searching for the Lord more regularly.  In our VBS teacher training this past week we talked about "God sightings."  We'll be looking for God in the every day with our vbs kids and teaching them to do the same.  Sometimes I wonder if I am remembering to have my own God sightings during the daily things, the mundane.  Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't, but it has to be a conscious effort before it will become a habit.

A friend recently suggested I read a book called "Anything," by Jennie Allen. In the book last week I read this:

"The desire of God's heart is to deal with suffering-and it is not just his desire; it is his plan.  Once he deals with it, it is over.  He is patient in his judgment, desiring that none be lost (2 Peter 3:9)  If we believe the Bible, we must believe that the heart of our unpredictable, sovereign God is good, that he sees us and is for us, even though he allows this pain.  As my friend Rachel discovered, who is to say what is good or bad anymore?  Not till heaven will we know.  From his eternal perspective, it's tolerable to allow our temporary dreams to fall apart.  But we seize more of God when he seizes us through our broken dreams.  He is wildly unpredictable, and learning to question and accept his ways is part of the journey of following an unsafe, invisible God.  He calls the shots on what happens to us in this short stint here.  He calls them, whether we want to let him or not.  Our faith must remain greater than our pain and our fears." -Jennie Allen, "Anything"

If I am honest, I admit that I seize more of God now that my dreams have been broken.  Is this a good thing in God's eternal perspective?  If it is, it doesn't make it any easier in this life, but it felt like Jennie's words as I read them that day had been specifically meant for me to read.  A God sighting, perhaps??

For now I'm back to the daily and off to get Parrish from his last day as a Kindergartener.  I can't believe I just typed that!  I can't wait to ask him his Kindergarten exit questions and post them.  I wonder if any of the answers have changed from the beginning of the year.  Stay tuned...and Happy Summer!!

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