Tuesday, January 29

:: Class Valentine's Day Treats ::

Had to do a quick post today about the precious Valentine's Parrish and I put together over the weekend for his classmates.  I figure that Kindergarten is probably the last year I'll be able to do these fun class treats with him, so I might as well go all out while I still can!  My mom (aka Tappy) found this idea on Pinterest and sent it to me, so I headed on over to etsy and purchased this download at PBJandJ.

You can also purchase customized bowls with your child's name, but I opted for the general version and just had Parrish write his own name 1) because I like getting him involved and seeing his precious little handwriting and 2) because these will be sooooo cute to use for Knox next year filled with goldfish crackers!!

The best news is that once you purchase the download, it is emailed to you within a few hours. So...you can procrastinate and still have the cutest valentine around.  :) Enjoy!

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