Wednesday, June 13

:: A week in pictures ::

These are the pictures that my sweet friend Terri took of Parrish and my belly a few weeks ago and I had to throw them in because I love them so much.  She took these in 5 minutes flat - I couldn't believe how amazing they turned out!!

Below are pictures from our vacation in Rosemary Beach last week.  It was so nice to stay for a whole week and get to settle into beach life.  We enjoyed having my mom "Tappy" spend the week with us - she let us have a nice date night once night while she and Parrish played, which was great...and Parrish in particular relished the 3 to 1 adult to child ratio.  :)  It was safe to say that none of us wanted to come home.  

We're seriously considering renting a place for a month or two next summer - anyone know of any good month-long rentals in Rosemary Beach or along 30A?  I'm hoping we could do 4 or 5 beach festivals while we're down there  to cover the costs.  Then again, ask me if we'll do this once baby boy arrives and the answer could be totally different, although right now it seems like the best idea ever!

We were so busy at the West Indies Market on Saturday and Sunday selling Olivia Charles Antiques that I didn't manage to snap one picture.  We had to shut down early both days because of storms, but it was still the best selling weekend we've had.  Thank you to all of you who came!

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