Tuesday, August 13

:: Oh What Fun! Knox is ONE! ::

 Our sweet Knox C turned one last week and enjoyed several opportunities to get his little hands in some cake...starting at his CC's house and ending at his birthday party over the weekend.
 I love this picture because of the way Knox is looking at his brother.  Pure and complete adoration...and amusement!  He loves him so much!
 All four of the Prickett Men...
 And Mommy (with no make-up...sorry!)
 And can't forget CC!
 Saturday was his "Cheeri-oh what fun!  Knox is ONE!" alley party and we had a great time.  For those of you who are wondering what an alley party is...and lots of people look at me strangely when I refer to it that way, in our neighborhood the houses all back up to different alleys.  The kids play in the alley almost daily (my common punishment for misbehavior with Parrish is to take away "alley time") and have the best time.  So, we set the party up in the alley and invited all of our neighbors to come and join in the fun.
 I made a poster board "1" covered with cheerios to hang from the garage door in the middle of yellow and white stripped ribbons clipped with Knox's full year of monthly chair pictures.  I loved looking back and comparing them!

We had cheerios themed food...cheerios "rice krispie" treats and cheerios snack mix (thanks, Tappy!) and homemade donuts (thanks, CC!) displayed in a large bowl of powered sugar to to look like a big bowl of cheerios.

The bunting was pre-made and purchased from Michael's.  I just cut the letters that say "Knox is One" from cheerios boxes and the "O's" from kraft paper to look like cheerios.

 I love this antique high chair.  Cannon sat in it as a baby so I thought it only appropriate to use at Knox's party.  I strung cheerios on yarn and fixed the string to the high chair with bows.  I embellished his birthday hat with a cheerios covered "1" and a pom pom ball on top.
 I made the banner from a canvas drop cloth from Lowe's that I cut in half lengthwise and then sewed back together vertically to increase the length and decrease the width, then painted with acrylic paint.  I plan to use it for future birthdays so I didn't put the number.
 Knox spent a lot of time in his buddy Christian's blue push car with his great grandaddy E and his Pap at the party.
 The kids had a good time pushing him around while he enjoyed his cheerios snack mix!
 Here's an up close shot of the bunting with the cheerios letters...
 Knox got a fun push/ride-on car from Glorio and E...
 And we had a cute little cow pinata that I glued cheerios onto.  One side said "ONE" the other side had Knox's initials and I made the cow a cheerios mouth and a cheerios "1" on his cow bell collar.
 The shot below is of everyone enjoying the party...
 And little Knox took the first swing at the pinata before letting the big kids polish it off!
 He traded in the foam bat for a long stick...I guess he thought he could do more damage with that!

You can see Knox's sweet outfit in this picture.  I had it made by Room to Romp on etsy.  She is very talented and I was able to request that she hand stitch the 1% milk appliqué onto a john john.  I thought it turned out really cute and acknowledged the first birthday without limiting him to  wearing it only at his birthday party.  It's cute enough to keep on wearing through the year and the applique she did coordinated with his precious invites, designed by Southern Stationery.

 Then the big kids all took a shot...

 I'm loving all of the good baseball stances and the look of determination on their faces is priceless!
 Knox with his CC and Grandaddy...
 And Great-Glorio & E...
 And getting ready to dig into his cheerios cake.  I made a regular yellow cake mix and added in two ripe, mashed bananas.

 He looks so tired in this picture.  He was definitely getting ready for a nap by this point, but he hung in there!

 Digging in...
 And we get a little smile we he tastes that yummy sugar.  Nothing like frosted cheerios!

 It's not a birthday party until there's a big mess!
 For the centerpiece on the party table I had a friend blow up a picture of Knox's face and then cut it out of card stock and made a party hat from a cheerios box.  I glued the whole thing to a paint stirring stick and then secured it into some floral foam inside a cheerios box.  To finish it off I added red tissue paper and yellow krinkle paper.  It turned out so cute.  One day I am sure he will kill me for doing this!
 The favors were individual boxes of cheerios tied in red dollar store bowls and finished off with a red spoon and a "cheerio" shaped favor tag that said, "Just add milk." - all done by the very talented Brantley Bowden of Southern Stationery.
 Here's Knox with his Tappy and Pap...
 And the final and arguably most hilarious moment of the party was when Christian finally got his car back and Knox decided he wasn't sure he wanted him to have it, so he climbed on the car and into Christian's lap.  The look on their faces says it all.  Too funny!
 After the party was over we kissed the balloons and sent them to Sissy in heaven, wishing she had been at the party with us.  It was a celebration of his birthday and for all of us a celebration of surviving the first year.  It has been filled with joy and wonder as we've watched him learn about the world around him, but also filled with worries and long, sleepless nights so we are all thankful to be at this point with him....marking and celebrating the last year of our lives with him and looking forward to what the next year of his little life will bring.  We praise God for entrusting us with him and love you so very much, Knox!  Happy 1st Birthday!

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