Tuesday, February 22

:: Gold For A Good Cause ::

My mother-in-law CC is heading up a gold project to raise seed money for Olivia's Memorial Fund. Please consider donating any of your items. If you don't want to mail them, you can drop them by my house or I can come and pick them up from you if that's most convenient. Just let me know. So far this effort alone has raised almost $6,000.00 and that's with only 13 people's donations! I can only imagine how large this number could get if each person reading this sent just one broken item, etc. Don't worry if you're not sure if it's real or not-send anything you think might be-the man CC is working with can test it to be sure. We had a watch that didn't look real and turns out, he took it apart and the bezel was solid gold even though the rest of the watch wasn't real, so you never know! Below is a letter from CC with more information:

Do you have one golden or silver earring that lost its mate?
Do you have a broken gold or silver chain?
Do you have anything languishing in the bottom of your jewelry box that you never liked and never wear?
Do you have any sterling flatware that went in the garbage disposal and you do not know what to do with it?
Do you have old costume jewelry or watches?
If so, we can convert it to raise seed money for the Olivia Charles Prickett Foundation.

Here is a quote from one friend who has sent us things..."The sadness behind this effort is not forgotten, but mitigated just a little by the satisfaction of finding worthwhile purpose for this discarded jewelry..."

Another quote..."I am so happy to be able to share a few pieces of "precious" gold that would mean so much more to me to give than to keep."

Many people have been touched by Olivia's death. The establishing of Olivia Foundation has been healing to our family. This fund will provide scholarships for Moms to have a Mother's Day Out, send kids to camp, and provide help for burial expenses to young families without resources.
Double Oak Community Church in Mt. Laurel has set up the foundation with the proper legal system in place. That is such a gift and help to us, because we do not have to be burdened with administration.

We have a trustworthy contact to convert our treasure for a good cause. Did you know that there is a Biblical precedent for asking for gold? When the Israelites left Egypt God instructed them to ask their neighbors for resources for the journey and they left with much treasure.
Exodus 12:35

I would love for you to ask other friends whom may have heard about Olivia if they might also like to send one piece...the ripple effect. Please feel free to forward this to others.

If you are going to participate would you do it SOON?

Please put your gift in a small padded envelope and send it to me.
When it is all done, I will send you a thank you report by email to let you know how we did.

Please ask friends to include an email address or other contact information so that we can properly thank them for taking part.

Please send it to:
CC Prickett
59 Hawthorn St
Birmingham, AL 35242

Thank you so much...in love,
CC Prickett, Olivia's Grand Mother
Exodus 25:1 From everyone whose heart is stirred....let us raise a contribution.

Many of you have already done so much...and we appreciate your love and the support you have already expressed...I just wanted you to know about this project.

Also, I forgot to report on here that we raised $1,000.00 dollars for Olivia's fund with the CoCo McCain bath and spa product sales! Thank you to all who participated. We are thinking about doing it again in the future, so I will keep you posted!

We've been in Florida visiting Cannon's parents and going to Renninger's Antique Extravaganza since Thursday. We flew down and drove a huge covered trailer back with treasures yesterday-11 hours, so we are beat! I got some great stuff though and I'll reveal what I'm going to do with it all in a post soon.

A prayer request:
Many of you have been faithfully praying for Parrish and his foot surgery. We have scheduled the surgery for Monday, March 28th, so please keep us in your prayers as we prepare Parrish for this (it's been suggested that we not tell him until a few weeks before because he won't really understand and it would be cruel to make him have to worry for over a month). As I've said on here before, I am most worried about him having to be put under so many times. I have been fervently praying that God would ease my mind about this and give me the trust that everything will be alright. Well, God answered that prayer. Our friends have a little boy in Kindergarten that had the exact same surgery at Parrish's age and went to the same mother's day out (what are the chances?!) This is an answer to prayer not only because my friend can give me tips and tools, but because her husband is an anesthesiologist and has offered to speak with those other anesthesiologists scheduled to work the day of the surgery and select who he feels will be the best fit for Parrish. I can't tell you what a load off my shoulders this has been. We are so thankful.

While we were at Renninger's I bought a super-cheap antique day bed to put Parrish on in our room while he recovers. I told him it was his "new bed" and he was so excited. I've even agreed to batman sheets, etc, and we plan to introduce the new bed and get him used to it a few weeks before the surgery. I am hoping he will love his new superhero bed enough to sleep in it so we won't have to worry about bumping the pins that will be protruding from his cast after the operation while we sleep-3 in a queen bed is already pretty tight without a cast to worry about! Please keep this in your prayers as well. Thank you praying friends!

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