Friday, October 1

Happy Halloween!

Happy Fall, Y'all! It's been awhile-okay, FOREVER-since my last post (what can I say, infants seem to take up all of your time) but I am SO HAPPY for the cooler weather and change of season. We have started decorating for Halloween at our house and our two "major" projects turned out to be not-so-major after all. I got the idea for the rope garland in Lowe's Creative Ideas Magazine. I bought 60 feet of 3/4" rope at Lowe's, hung it around our front door then cut 20, 2-foot sections, unraveled them and tied them onto the rope around the front door spacing equally. The result is a nod to the ever-popular corn stalks without the funky smell!

I bought the stacked pumpkins from the Mt. Laurel Grocery store and stacked them without the use of a dowel rod to hold them in place. If you take some time to stack them before you buy them you can usually get lucky and puzzle piece them together and know they will work when you get them home and arrange them on your front doorstep. I find the heirloom pumpkins work best for stacking because of their flatter shape. If all else fails, you can always trim the stems of the bottom pumpkins.

The do-it-yourself "floral" arrangement is so simple! Just fill your favorite container (in my case, a soup tourine) with dry floral foam, cover the top with lime (or any color) reindeer moss (can be purchased at Hobby Lobby, Michael's or your local wholesale florist) then top with mini pumpkins. To give it that rounded look, stuff some smaller pieces of moss between the pumpkins once you get them placed.

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