Monday, April 5

All The Best!

When I was brainstorming ideas for the title of this blog I kept coming back to a phrase my husband and I heard often on our honeymoon to Ireland 7 years ago. Irishmen and women everywhere would bid us "All the Best!" as we toured their country. This phrase was used as a greeting or a farewell almost everywhere we went, whether that was getting off a tour bus in Dublin or ordering Guinness and corned beef and cabbage from a waitress at a local pub. We fell in love with the endearing phrase and have used it ever since. It just has a nicer ring and feeling to it than plain old, "Hello" or "Have a good day," don't you think? So the name I finally decided on for this blog, "The Best from Our Nest" was chosen with the hope that this blog will give you the same warm and fuzzy feeling that phrase gives me.

This is the account of our lives, which will include ramblings about my latest decorating project, my love and knack for paint selection, clever outdoor spaces and projects, cooking (with and without kids), sewing and crafting (which I haven't had much time for lately with a 10 week old), gardening (I should be weeding right now instead of thinking about what plants I want to put in the ground next), do-it-yourself floral design and great shopping finds. The blog will also be a place where I chronicle the joys and heartaches of motherhood and making a house into a home for my family. I truly wish you all the best and hope this blog gives you the same feeling and inspiration that phrase gave us as we started our lives together!

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