Monday, March 2

:: My obsession with NAVY ::

Blogging with three boys (two of which are two and under) is proving to be almost impossible so I've decided to throw perfect out the window and just blog what I can, when I can. Which in translation basically means you'll get a lot of images and not much text. Sorry!  It's better than nothing, right?

Today I'm sharing some images from my own home which feature my current favorite accent color - NAVY!  

One of my favorite tricks is painting woodwork an unexpected color. In this case, our mantle. 

I echoed the navy color (Benjamin Moore's Hale Navy) on our custom baby gate. After two years of staring at our ugly metal gate at the bottom of the stairs I finally decided to have a custom "pretty" gate built to keep my boys from escaping to the second floor. It's one of the first things I see when I walk in my front door and it just makes me happy. 

The antique gold pull is from House of Antique hardware and I love that it elevates the style of the simple wooden gate. Not shown in the picture is the latch, which is behind the gate to keep little fingers from finding it. 

And the Hale navy doesn't stop at the gate!  It continues in the form of a painted stair runner down to my unfinished basement. I wanted to jazz up the unfinished floor so I painted the stairs to mimic the look of a runner and added brass house numbers from Lowes that ascend as you go up. 

 As the painted "runner" makes the corner it turns into a down arrow on our kid's basement slide, which was lovingly crafted by their daddy (also known as "Bob" as in Bob the builder). 
As you can see there are touches of navy throughout the main living spaces of our home from the living room through the dining room and into the kitchen. 
 If you are looking for the perfect navy I highly recommend Hale Navy from Benjamin Moore. It has just the right amount of black to keep it sophisticated. There's nothing worse than painting a room thinking it's going to be navy and it turns out looking like the perfect space for a little boy to live! (If you want a little boy navy, try Newburyport Blue, also by Benjamin Moore) 

Hope this blue post cured some of your Monday blues!